"Helping Those Who Help Others"

Welch College

President Matt Pinson reported continu- ing academic and community excellence, with regional and national accreditation, an annual ranking among the best colleges by U.S. News and World Report, and consistently high scores on the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey. He celebrated a campus culture of spiritual formatiosame_college2n where “young men and women discover how they can serve Christ, His Church, and His world.” He asserted that Christian higher education is more important now than any other time in the school’s history, as the college develops students who will be salt and light in a crumbling culture. He reported that the college turned a corner financially in 2014-15, aided in part by a boost in enrollment after Gateway College closed in 2013. The college fin- ished the year with a surplus of $180,000. While this may not be a trend, it is a welcome respite. He intro- duced a new program, a Master’s degree in Theol- ogy and Ministry. Pinson also rejoiced over the sale of the West End campus and reported the start of con- struction on the new campus near Gallatin, Ten- nesee. “The excitement is almost palpable,” he shared. “We have waited so long, and now, it has come to reality. We are launching out in faith, building on the work of those before us.”


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