"Helping Those Who Help Others"

Churches pay dues to the conference/association of which they are a member, and the conference/association’s Treasurers pay dues to the SC FWB State Association Treasurer on behalf of the churches and conferences. Churches must pay their quarterly dues to their conference/association in order to be seated at their quarterly and annual meetings. Conferences or Associations must pay their dues to the SC FWB State Association to be seated at the annual state meeting in February of each year. The SC FWB State Association state meeting is always held on the last Thursday and Friday of February. Churches should mail their dues with their report to their conference/association clerk. Conference clerk’s addresses to mail reports can be found here. Reports that churches need to complete to send with their dues to the conference/association clerks can be found here. Conference/Association Treasurer’s should send their dues of $235 per church with the annual report to the SC FWB State Association Treasurer and Clerk. For State Association reports and dues, conference clerks should send the report to the State Clerk and send the dues to the State Treasurer. The amount of dues that church pays to their conference or association varies by conference/association. To find out the amount of dues that your church needs to pay for the quarterly dues, feel free to contact the conference/association Clerk of which your church is a member. Thank you for your help in getting reports and dues to the proper leaders in a timely fashion.

The dues are paid from the churches to the conference on a quarterly basis, and then the dues are paid by the conference treasurer to the SC FWB State Association on an annual basis prior to the SC FWB State meeting each February. The amount of dues that each conference/association treasurer pays to the State Association is $235 per church. The SC FWB State Treasurer in turn sends a check to the National Association of Free Will Baptist for our representation on a National level.