"Helping Those Who Help Others"

South Carolina Women Active for Christ


 Pam_Hackett_webThank you for your faithful involvement in the SCWAC and the work you do in each of our churches. I appreciate each of you and pray for you daily. May the Lord continue to bless you as you serve Him in the South Carolina Women Active for Christ ministry.

Pam Hackett, SCWAC Coordinator

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Women Nationally Active for Christ Membership Fees

WNAC has an annual membership fee of $15.00 allowing each member to be part of an international network of women striving for the same purpose and goals. Together we can accomplish much more than if we work separately. The current dues of $15 were set in 2005. We do receive co-op funds but that does not underwrite the financial obligations of the office. Listed below are the major functions of the WNAC office.

  • Maintain the Steward Provision Closet for our missionaries to shop free of charge for home/school supplies.
  • Promote WNAC

o    Locally emphasis cards, ads in denominational publications, visiting state meetings/retreats, etc.

o    Internationally: Bible Institutes, partnerships, women’s retreats, etc.

o    Maintain a social media presence: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, E-blasts.

o    Maintain our website (www.wnac.org)

  • Coordinate/administer all national meetings
  • Provide support system for local, district and state WAC groups
  • Seek to enroll new local WAC groups
  • Publish Treasure quarterly, a Bible study guide for women

o    Assume all costs not covered by the subscription price set in 2005.

($12/year or $11/year for 5 or more to one address).

o    Design, publish, and promote Bible studies for use in WAC meetings and on individual basis.

  • Promote special weeks of prayer

o    Pre-Easter before World Missions Offering (International Missions) in April

o    Pre-Thanksgiving before North American Missions Offering in November.

  • Receipt all monies given to missions or designated projects and disburse funds according to each WAC’s instructions.
  • Administer funds and provide student scholarships for students:

o    Cleo Pursell Foreign Student Scholarship (students studying at our Bible institutes in their native language).

o    Dr. Mary R. Wisehart Student Scholarship (young ladies studying at one of our FWB Colleges).

o    Miley International Student Scholarship (international students studying at one of our FWB Colleges in the United States).

  • Set and manage overall WNAC annual budget: travel, rent, utilities, printing, postage, insurance, salaries, etc.

Please call or email anytime you have questions.

  • 877-767-7662
  • 615-760-6150
  • elizabeth@nafwb.org
  • phyllis@wnac.org

This thought was shared by one of our WAC members:

I consider the membership fee an offering I give to a ministry I believe in and want to see continue.”