"Helping Those Who Help Others"


IMG_0077Welcome to the Solid Grounds page!

We exist to assist our FWB bookstore by providing a relaxing Christian environment, for patrons to stop, read, relax, learn more about Free Will Baptists and of course our Savior!

Let us host your Bible Study.

We have quiet little nooks where you can get alone with a few friends or even a fully functioning conference room (Conference Room Must Be Reserved). We deliver to the Turbeville area for a 3 Caffe’ Drink purchase or more.


Hot Drinks                                          Sm.      Med.      Lg.

House Coffee                                  $1.50    $1.95   $2.25

Cafe Latte                                         $3.25    $3.75   $4.25

Café Cappuccino                              $3.25    $3.75   $4.25

Café Macchiato                                   $3.25    $3.75   $4.25

Chai                                                   $3.25    $3.75   $4.25

Hot Chocolate                                 $2.25    $2.75   $3.25


Cold Drinks    (All 16oz.)                                                                                                          

Frappuccino       $4.50

Iced Latte            $3.75

Fruit Smoothie   $4.75 (Peach, Strawberry, and Banana)

Extra Shots of Espresso         $.50

Assorted Baked Goods          Muffins, Cup Cakes ($2) Cookies (.50)

Cold Bottled Drinks                $1.00

Smart Water and Gatorade   $1.50

Flavors                                               $.50

(Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla, French Vanilla, Raspberry, and Hazelnut)

Sugar Free Flavors (Carmel and French Vanilla)


Mocha CappucinoLocal Review

By Jenna Windham

How many times have you thought it would be nice to have a coffee shop here in town? Wouldn’t it be great to stop in locally for a fresh brewed cup of coffee or a cappuccino? We have waited so long for someone to have pity on our coffee craving souls!

Well folks, our wait is over. And oh my….coffee and cappuccinos are just a fraction of the offerings!

Pastor Chris Todd and his wife Misty have opened the newest and one of the most anticipated businesses in town. “SOLID GROUNDS” is the place for anyone who appreciates a great cup of coffee.  Situated within the Free Will Baptist Bookstore (which is located behind the IGA), it’s open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am to 5 pm and Fridays 7:30 am to 11am.  As soon as you walk in, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee confirms you are in for a treat!

Using his skills as a licensed contractor, Pastor Todd has renovated office space within the bookstore and has transformed it into a functional space where coffee creations are made. The decor is clean and inviting (make sure to check out the wall border of old Baptist Hymnal covers, very unique). Plenty of seating is available to slow down and relax if you’d like.   But when you scan the menu on the wall you will realize that it might not be as simple as just ordering any ordinary cup of coffee. With coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, and frappes in so many flavors to choose from, you might think you’ve stepped into a swanky big town coffee house.

But Jennifer Coker, the resident drink artist, is the perfect touch of hometown hospitality. Just give her an idea of your favorite flavors and she will whip up a masterpiece especially for you. With such flavors as Hazelnut, French vanilla, Red Velvet, and Pumpkin ( yes, Pumpkin!), just to name a few, you may need to give yourself a little extra menu browsing time.  It’s an enjoyable problem to have- decisions, decisions.

Pastor Todd let me in on impressive fact- one of the things that makes the coffee and drink creations at SOLID GROUNDS so good. In conjunction with a local roaster, the shop’s coffee blends are purchased fresh on a weekly basis.  Chances are the cup of coffee you’ll enjoy was made from beans very recently delivered into the Port of Charleston. Green coffee beans from around the world are roasted and made into a special house blend produced especially for SOLID GROUNDS. When you want fresh, it can’t get much fresher!

Even with all the coffee selections made with coffee as it’s base, there are still treats available for the kids. Fresh fruit smoothies and hot chocolate pair perfectly with a delicious baked item from the bakery box. Look for seasonal favorites like mint and spiced cider to be added soon too!  Stop by and visit SOLID GROUNDS when you get a chance, and enjoy some “coffee on a firm foundation”.