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SCFWB Weekly Vol 6 No 9

SCFWB Weekly Vol 6 No 09        

March 06, 2019

DRT News

Men’s Day (May 18)

The SCFWB Disaster Relief board introduces “Adopt a Church Initiative” after careful assessment The Board recently decided that in lieu of a traditional Men’s retreat, That Free Will Baptists could better be served by coordinating repairs to existing Free Will Baptist Churches. The church adopted this year is Immanuel FWB Church in Santee, Rev. Pete Minor is the pastor. On May 18 men and women from across SC will gather together to provide help and support in the form of painting, electrical, plumbing, pressure washing, carpentry, cleaning and landscaping. More information will be forthcoming as details and plans finalize.

Rev. Larry McAllister has retired as pastor of Gilead FWB Church in Lake City, and would like to be considered for supply preaching and revivals. He can best be reached at 843-394-8887

Women’s News

SCFWB State WAC Meeting

The South Carolina Women Active for Christ State Meeting will be held at Liberty Free Will Baptist Church in Lancaster, SC. Carolyn Riddick, WAC President from North Carolina will be our guest speaker. Motel registrations can be made at the Quality Inn. Phone # is 803-283-6436. The room cost is $85 for a King Size or two full size beds. Registration begins at 9:00 a.m.

Shine Conference

Shine! conference is scheduled for March 30, 2019 at New Hope FWB in Joelton, TN. More information can be found on our website www.wnac.org or at https://shinefwb.com/

ETEAM Students From SC

Brazil Maggie Coker Horse Branch
Brazil Olivia Hefner Fairview FWB Church
Chicago Elijah Purvis Grace FWB Church
Chicago Raegan Price Fairview FWB church
France Bayley Floyd Horse Branch
Panama Gloria Todd Horse Branch Free Will Baptist
St. Croix Elizabeth Hicks Horse Branch Free Will Baptist
St. Croix Kaia Thomson Grace Free Will Baptist Church
Japan Dustin Hancock Horse Branch FWB Church

Truth and Peace Students

Caelie Crews, Temple FWB Church

Anna Johnson, Westside FWB Church

Ignite The Flame

The SC ITF dinner for SC and Eastern Conferences is planned for Saturday, March 2, 2019 at the Lebanon FWB Church at 6:00 pm.


Andy Moore (Brazil) Our family is back in Brazil after spending six month in the U.S. It was so nice to get back to some warm weather and a blessing to see our Brazilian church family and to enter the new year together with them.  We are excited and optimistic as we enter this year with all it’s opportunities and challenges.  Please continue to pray for our church as we transition to national leadership. Thank you for your prayers and support in 2018. –The Moores

Bobby Poole (Brazil) The 5th of March, here in Brasil, and I suppose in other countries, is a national holiday called “carnaval” (Mardi Gras, in the States).Forty-six years ago, Geneva and I started “Family Retreat” to try and get our church family out of the sinfulness of the Carnaval holiday. The retreat will start this Saturday and end after services on Tuesday night. This week-end, for the unbeliever will be full of drinking, drugs, immorality. On Wednesday a good Catholic will go to his church and confess his sins doing the week-end. The priest will dip his finger in water and aches and put a mark on the forehead of the confessor (so Wednesday is called Ash Wednesday).

Then begins 40 days (Quaresma) of fasting, to last until Easter. Spiritually speaking, it is a very dark time, where the lust of the flesh is the main thing the people in general are looking for. Pray for our Christian families and especially our young people to stand firm against the sins of the flesh.

Carlisle Hanna (India) Please pray for Bro. Carlisle, Don, Mark, and Sis.  Milly Hanna as they travel to India on March 10,and 12. Pray for Annual Conference coming up in March (Speakers, provisions for those attending, safety, moving of the Holy Spirit, etc). Theme: Philippians 3:14 Pray for Hostel (Boy’s Home) ministry. Pray for South India and Nepal ministry.

David Aycock  (Brazil) Thank you for your prayers and financial support! In the past few weeks we have had five people to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Pray for their spiritual growth and development. We are currently doing an evangelistic Bible study with a newlywed couple. Pray for their salvation. This quarter we are offering the college level course – Character Development. Twenty three people registered for this course. The construction of our Christian School continues. We appreciate the special offerings toward this project. David and Annette  

Jonathan/Amy Postlewaite (Bulgaria) Thank you for praying for our English game night last Saturday. There was a good turnout and we were able to connect with several Christians and non-believers. Please pray that we will be able to stay connected with all of these new contacts and that we will be able to share the gospel with those of them who have no experienced salvation in Jesus Christ. Please be praying for H and for the village of Opanets. H is the young man who came to our JPense event last August. I have been able to stay connected with him though I have not been able to meet up with him for a while. He lives in the village of Opanets, which is right outside of Pleven. We are praying for open doors for the gospel in that village and believe that H could be a part of the answer to that prayer if he were to agree to study the Bible with me. As a more general prayer request, please be praying that God would help us in our efforts to gather a consistent core group of people with whom we can establish a local church. While we have many Christian and non-Christian friends who come to various events, most of them are not consistent and have shown hesitancy to commit to anything regular. It is hard to plan for events and even for regular gatherings when we cannot be sure who will come and who will not and when we are not sure who will be able to help us. Pray that as we get out among the city and the region and endeavor to make disciples that God will bring us into contact with people who are willing to follow Christ and to obey the Great Commission. 

Matt/Hailie Deckard (Ecuador) Please pray for endurance for our team; as we all will be very busy over the next couple of months, and also safety and prepared hearts of the people that will be coming down to serve with us. mattdeckard.10@gmail.com

 Neil/ Mandi Morgan (Spain) We are praising the Lord for a lady and her 3 sons who visited our church on a previous Sunday. We have had 7 first time visitors this month. We are excited about our church responding to the call to share the good news. Join us in praying for these people who are searching and for us as we follow up with them.nmorgan@iminc.org  

Randy/Kris Valandingham (Aiken) We thank everyone for their continual prayers and support for the work here at Rejoice Fellowship. Please remember them as they start the year off with discipling new believers on matters of stewardship.

Tim/ Kristi Johnson (Spain) As many of you know, we are in the beginning stages of a new church plant in a new area.  One of our strategies is to start making contacts by offering “English Conversations” at a local coffee shop.  Last week, we were able to find just the right place and talk to the owner about this new possibility, which will be each Tuesday evening.  Pray with us that God will guide these conversations as we meet new people and begin to build relationships.

Mirial Gainer (Japan) My eyes are doing well after cataract surgery. I’m using glasses for reading but not for driving. I’m finally finished with my neck braces. So thankful that the surgery was successful and the numbness in my hands is gone. I would appreciate continued prayers for Mother and for me as I care for her. 


*Rev. James Childers (Beaver Creek) Is dealing with the side effects of Cancer treatment, please continue to remember him in prayer.

*Rev. Bennie Turner (Eastern Conference) is recovering in the VA Hospital in Columbia following complications from a recent surgery. He still continues to receive regular dialysis. Please continue to remember him in prayer.

*Rev Sean Fortner (Beaver Creek) pray for Bro. Sean and his family as his mother passed away this week.

*Susie Owens (Rev. Wayland Owens) pray for sis. Susie as her brother passed away recently.

Minister Events

*Florence/Darlington Area Minister Breakfast – Tuesday March 12th 8:30 AM at Bazen’s Restaurant Florence

*Spartanburg Area Minister Breakfast – Tuesday March 12th at 9:00AM at the Grapevine Restaurant in Boiling Springs

 *Lancaster Area Minister Breakfast –March 26th Jomar’s Restaurant Lancaster, 9AM

*Conway Area Minister Breakfast – Tuesday, March 5th, 2017, at Mt. Ariel FWB Church in Conway, 8:30 AM

*Lake City Area Minister Luncheon – Tuesday March 19th at The Shrimper, Lake City 10:30 AM

*Central Conference Meeting –April 9th  2019  9AM Hamlet First FWB Church

*Beaver Creek Conference Meeting – April 06th 2019 Registration 9:30 AM Services 10AM

*South Carolina Conference Meeting – TBA

*True life Conference Meeting –  March 16 Registration 9:45 Glory landYork, SC

*Eastern Conference Meeting – March 9th at Beacon FWB Church in Ladson at 9:30 AM



10 Southestern FWB Choir will be at Inman First Free Will Baptist Church. They will be singing during the S.S. hour & during the Worship Service @ 11. All are invited for this special service.

10-13 Revival Sandhill FWB Church (Coward) with Donnie Miles.  Sunday night at 6 p.m. and then 7 p.m. Monday – Wednesday

17-20 Turning Point FWB Church (Spartanburg) Old fashioned Revival with Dr. Joe Arthur and Wesley Campbell, Singers featuring The Parsons, The Rogers Family, and The Joyairres, Sun 10:30 &6 Mon-Fri 7PM

31-Apr 3 Revival Gilead FWB Church (Lake City) With Rev. Allen Goodman. Sunday 6pm and mon-Wed 7PM


13th Fairview FWB Church Golf Tournament Captains Choice April 13 2019 Heddles Hideaway Proceeds go for Eteam For questions call Brian Webb at 864-327-7532

Please email church news and upcoming events to chris@scfwb.com 

Striking While The Iron is Hot

This may not be my typical devotion for this update but here are some thoughts that occurred to me earlier this morning during my prayer time.

  1. Striking while the iron is hot means, having enough patience to let the iron heat up to start with.
    1. Many times we get ahead of God and suffer because of it.
    1. Abraham got ahead of God when he had a son by Hagar
  2. Striking while the iron is hot means, recognizing opportunities when they come.
    1. Joash didn’t strike enough while the iron was hot and missed an opportunity at victory
    1. 2Ki 13:18 And he said, Take the arrows. And he took them. And he said unto the king of Israel, Smite upon the ground. And he smote thrice, and stayed. 19 And the man of God was wroth with him, and said, Thou shouldest have smitten five or six times; then hadst thou smitten Syria till thou hadst consumed it: whereas now thou shalt smite Syria but thrice.
  3. Striking While the iron is hot, means not waiting for a more convenient time
    1. Lu 12:47 And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes

Whatever opportunity God sends our way, I pray we all will be able to recognize it and experience his blessings

Isa 55:6 ¶ Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:

 “Prosphero Theos”                                                                     

Chris Todd

SCFWB Executive Secretary


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