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SCFWB Weekly Vol 5 No 18

SCFWB Weekly Vol 5 No 18

May 17, 2018


National News


NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of Free Will Baptists Annual Meeting will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas July 22-25.  The theme is “Called”

(2Timothy 1:9A- “Who hath saved us and called us with a holy calling”) Sunday Morning- “Called us to Salvation”

Sunday Night- “Called us to Holiness”

Monday Night- “Called us to Unity”

Tuesday Night- “Called us to Suffer”

Wednesday Night- “Called us to Preach the Gospel”

Pre-Register Online


Convention housing opens Monday, May 14, 9:00 a.m. CDT. Hotel and other convention information is available at www.nafwb.org/convention.  


Pre-registration closes June 22.



Youth News

Junior Summer Camp will be July 30th through August 2nd

Teen Summer Camp will be a three day weekend on Friday July 27th through July 29th

 For more information CLICK HERE

The theme for our summer camps this year is “Valuable” and the theme verse comes from 1st Peter chapter one verses 18 and 19 …camps at Camp Pee Dee in Marion and more info coming soon! Please plan your VBS around these dates.

WAC News


The SC WAC Retreat will be held September 7th and 8th at White Oak Conference Center in Winnsboro. Kristi Johnson will be our guest speaker and we have an exciting time planned for our ladies. We will have a ‘gift card shower’ for their family at the retreat. Gift cards may be purchased at Walmart, Target, and Restaurants. These will be greatly appreciated by the Johnson’s as they are home and will benefit them with their needs as Alejandro will be a freshman at Welch College this coming fall. Mark your calendars to attend the retreat and more information will be available at the state women’s meeting.




Luke Tanner (ETEAM St. Croix)             Westside FWB Church

Bayley Floyd (ETEAM Cuba)                  Horse Branch FWB Church

Maysey Floyd (ETEAM Panama)            Horse Branch FWB Church

Gracelyn Coker (ETEAM Panama)         Horse Branch FWB Church

Maggie Coker (ETEAM Uruguay)            Horse Branch FWB Church

Elizabeth Hicks (ETEAM Nashville)         Horse Branch FWB Church

Olivia Hefner (ETEAM St. Croix)             Fairview FWB Church

Hunter Langston (ETEAM Japan)           Peace FWB Church

Truth & Peace

Denise Wiggins                                      Peace FWB Church Florence

Hannah Ridgeway                                  Liberty Manning FWB Church

Gloria Todd                                            Horse Branch FWB Church

Anna Johnson                                        Westside FWB Church

Alejandro Johnson                                  Westside FWB Church



Disaster Relief Efforts


**SPEACIAL UPDATE**Leonard Restoration Project


The new home is in place, and we will need some help with Handicap ramp construction, landscaping, electrical setup, plumbing tie-in, etc. If your church would like to assist with this project please contact Chris Todd at 843-657-2092


Thank you for your continued prayers for sister Myra Leonard.




Andy Moore (Brazil)  This year is shaping up to be a great year for our church.  We have started several new ministries, our attendence has picked up, and we are having a great spirit in our meetings and services. Thank you for your prayers and support of the ministry here in Juiz de Fora, Brazil.


Bobby Poole (Brazil) On Saturday, the 12th of May, the Marincek FWB Church had its anual Mother/Daughter Banquet. Our fellowship hall was filled with some 80 registered for the event. The program was a blessing along with the food and the fellowship. Some who attended do not go to church anywhere. Others, attended as children and later dropped out of church. It was a blessing to me to see the church, working together, to make this Banquet a sucess! During the service, the group paid special honor to Geneva, because she was she one that started and organized the Banquets, over the years.

Carlisle Hanna (India) Please pray for the upcoming Friends of India Meeting Scheduled for the 18th of this month. Please remember Binita (wife of Rev. Evan Guha) as she continues to recover from medical complications during childbirth and their newborn son Ryan.  Please remember the works in North & South India as well as Nepal.

David Aycock  (Brazil) The Lord continues to bless His work here in Barbacena, Brazil. Please pray for Vanessa. Annette and I are doing an Evangelistic Bible study with her and we hoping she will make a decision soon. We have 18 people enrolled in our Seminary (Bible College level courses). The work continues on the construction of the Christian School. We appreciate your prayers and financial support.  Please prayerfully consider having a special offering for the construction of the school. Thank you, David and Annette Aycock


Jonathan/Amy Postlewaite  Yesterday our city experienced a very brief, but very strong storm. Several trees were uprooted throughout the city and many people sustained damage to their property (the back windshield of our car was shattered, most likely by hail). We praise God that as far we know no one was hurt. Please pray for those people who will have to deal with the aftermath of the storm and pray that people this will help people to understand the temporary nature of earthly things as compared to that which is eternal. Next Sunday May 27th we will be having another monthly “gathering”. We will be using the same room that we rented for our Easter service. The theme will be “The alphabet, the Bible, and faith” and we will be talking about the connection between the creation of the Cyrillic alphabet and the Bible (three days earlier on May 24th is the national holiday celebrating the development of the alphabet by the missionaries Cyril and Methodius). Please pray that we will have a good turnout for this meeting and that Bulgarians will understand the role that the Bible and Christianity has played in their culture’s development. Pray that they they will be encouraged to look to the Bible for guidance in their personal lives as well. I’ve told you in the past about G, the student from Sweden, with whom I am doing discipleship by Skype right now. I have been very encouraged by the progress I am seeing in his life as he seems to be letting the Bible influence his life more and more. Please pray for him to continue to grow in his faith and that he will be able to do well on his tests at the medical university here in Pleven so that he will be able to resume his studies next February.



Matt/Hailie Deckard (Ecuador) Greetings from Sunny or Rainy (depending upon the time of day) Ecuador. We want to first say thank you all for praying for us as we are in language school!  The Lord certainly is blessing here as we continue our time in full time study! He is also opening doors for us to share with our language teachers as well. Just this week I, Matt, have had the opportunity to talk with my professor about the church, persecution, and various other topics in the New Testament. Also, next week we, along with two teammates also in language school, have the opportunity to have our professors in our home for Thanksgiving to share this wonderful part of our culture with them. Please pray that God would produce fruit from these opportunities. mattdeckard.10@gmail.com


Neil/ Mandi Morgan (Spain) The last few weeks have been super busy, but it has been a blessing to worship  and share about our ministry with so many of you. Please continue to pray as we travel and report about what God is doing in Spain. Please specifically pray for the funds we need to return to the field. We currently need about $1275 more a month to be able to leave in June.

Our church in Spain will begin a new Bible study/discipleship class tomorrow night. Please continue to pray for our church and its continued growth. The church is still looking for a larger facility to rent. Please continue to pray for the right location to open up quickly. nmorgan@fwbgo.com


Randy/Kris Valandingham (Aiken). We had a great Easter Sunday service. We had 48 in attendance and the Lord was moving. Had an Easter egg hunt and had a great turn out. Pray for us as we continue to outreach into the community here in Aiken.  pastorrandyv51@gmail.com or cell 803-306-4429.


Tim/ Kristi Johnson (Spain) On Saturday, May 20, the Alpedrete Church will be having a special evangelistic “Café Concierto” (Coffee Concert).  A singer/songwriter from the southern part of Spain will be coming to share his music and testimony.  We will have two sessions, one at 5:00 pm and another at 7:00 pm.  Pray with us that many will come and that their hearts will be open to the Truths presented.



Mirial Gainer (Japan) recently had decomposition and fusion on several of her cervical vertebrae. Her recovery will be 6-8 weeks and is staying with  friends in Lexington SC. Please remember her in prayer.



* Sister Faye Miles (Wife of Rev. Tony Miles) Please remember Sis Faye and Bro. Tony as doctors have ceased her cancer treatments. Ask God to give them grace and strength for the days ahead of them.

*Rev. Bennie Turner (Eastern Conference) continues to receive regular dialysis please continue to remember him in prayer.

*Sister Cindi Mosley-  (Wife of Rev Charles Mosley) Please remember sister Cindi and her continued treatments


Minister Events

*Florence/Darlington Area Minister Breakfast – Tuesday June 12th 8:30 AM at Bazen’s Restaurant Florence

*Spartanburg Area Minister Breakfast – Tuesday, June 12th at  9:00AM at the Grapevine Restaurant in Boiling Springs


*Lancaster Area Minister Breakfast – May 29th Jomar’s Restaurant Lancaster, 9AM

*Conway Area Minister Breakfast – Tuesday, June 5, 2017, at Mt. Ariel FWB Church in Conway, 8:30 AM

*Lake City Area Minister Luncheon – Tuesday June 19th at The Shrimper, Lake City 10:30 AM


*Central Conference Meeting –July 14 9AM Location TBA

*Beaver Creek Conference Meeting – October  06th Enoree FWB Church Registration 9:30 AM Services 10AM

*South Carolina Conference Meeting – June 22 Faith FWB Church, Services at 7PM

*True life Conference Meeting – TBA

*Eastern Conference Meeting – Saturday, June 09th 9:30 AM Williams Hill FWB Church



Please email church news and upcoming events to chris@scfwb.com




21-23 Revival, New Town FWB Church, Lake City, SC Mon-Wed with Rev. Leroy Lowery 7PM Services


May 20th – 23rd Revival Mill Branch, Rev. Joel Stone Sunday night at 6pm Mon – Wed night at 7pm



Stuck Out Like a Sore Thumb

We’ve all done it. Whether with a hammer or a car door each of has slammed some blunt object onto the nail bed of our thumb. I remember one time in particular we were going around our neighborhood in the summer time handing out cold water and tracks. I saw one particular gentleman working in his yard, so I pulled into his drive way and got out quite hurriedly as he was heading toward his backyard. With water and tracks in my left hand I shut the door on my vehicle with my right hand. As I went to walk toward this man, I realized my thumb was shut up in the door. OW!!!!


Paul said “And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it;” I know this is a true statement because when my thumb was shut in the car door it felt like my whole body was shut in there with it! Paul however, was speaking in reference to the church. When we are unable to do our part, all the church suffers along with it.


1Co 12:12 ¶ For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.


 “Prosphero Theos”                                                             

Chris Todd

SCFWB Executive Secretary





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