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Available Pastors/Ministers

In order to be on the South Carolina Free Will Baptist State Office available minister list, we require two documents: 1) The Minister Availability Form, completed and signed by the minister, and 2) A letter of good standing from the conference/association of which the minister is a member that is a part of the National Association of Free Will Baptist (www.nafwb.org). Some conference/associations give the minister a membership card signed by the clerk. A copy of your current good standing membership card signed by the clerk can serve as a replacement of the letter of good standing. If the membership card is not signed by the clerk, a letter of good standing would need to be submitted by the clerk. Please submit the above documents with the phone number of the clerk of your conference/association to SC FWB Executive Secretary, PO Box 9, Turbeville, SC 29162. If you would like to submit additional information such as a resume along with the above information, you are more than welcome to do so. Ministers who are a part of a conference/association that is a part of the South Carolina Free Will Baptist State Association have the option of being placed on this web page. All other ministers who submit the appropriate documents will be placed on an in-house list, and their information will be submitted to churches upon request. Thank you for your willingness to help us serve our local churches.
May the Lord bless you.

NOTE: Providing names of available preachers is a service of the SCFWB State Office of the South Carolina State Association of Free Will Baptists. Provision of such names, however, should not be considered as an unqualified endorsement or recommendation because educational and experience qualifications vary. Interview each candidate carefully and seek God’s direction as to how they would fit with your church situation.


How To Call A Pastor By Rev Keith Burden

The following men have filled out a “Pastor Availability Form”. The Form is available at Pastor Availability Form. Please note that for security reasons and because they contain so much personal information resumes can no longer be accessible to the general public. We WANT Churches to have access to this information so please contact our State Office and request the resume’ and we will be sure to send it right away.