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Posts from September 2018

SCFWB Weekly VOL 5 No 34

SCFWB Weekly Vol 5 No 34 September 19, 2018 SCFWB Disaster Response News   As a whole SC seems to have been spared much of the damaging winds associated with Hurricane Florence. However, the effects of massive rain fall both here and in North Carolina have our local river systems flooding their banks. The elevated […]

SCFWB Weekly Vol 5 No 32

SCFWB Weekly Vol 5 No 33 September 06, 2018 WAC News   The SC WAC Retreat begins tomorrow evening and goes through Saturday, at the White Oak Conference Center in Winnsboro. Kristi Johnson will be our guest speaker and we have an exciting time planned for our ladies. We will have a ‘gift card shower’ […]